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MedSign International Partners with TLay Healthcare Services to Introduce
Qortex Virtual Care in Central Florida

June 14, 2023, New York, NY: MedSign International, a global leader in virtual care solutions, is thrilled to announce its partnership with TLay Healthcare Services, Inc., a Medicare/Medicaid certified home health agency, serving five counties in Central Florida. TLay will now offer MedSign's innovative Qortex virtual care platform to its patients and their
families, revolutionizing the delivery of healthcare services throughout the region.


Qortex is a cutting-edge virtual care solution that enables patients to access high-quality medical care from the comfort and safety of their homes, no computer, tablet, or smartphone needed. Through secure video consultations, real-time monitoring of vital signs, and streamlined communication channels, Qortex empowers patients and healthcare providers to connect and
collaborate efficiently, ensuring optimal care outcomes. The system also addresses social and behavioral issues of isolation and loneliness by allowing patients to connect 24/7 with their family and friends, all through the TV with the simple use of their Qortex remote control.

As TLay Healthcare Services expands its commitment to providing exemplary care, the introduction of Qortex will bring several benefits to patients, their families, and healthcare professionals in the home health industry. With the Qortex platform, TLay will be able to:

  • Enhance Patient Convenience: Qortex reduces the need for patients to travel to healthcare facilities, lowering transportation barriers and enables individuals to receive care without leaving their homes. This convenience is particularly significant for patients who are home bound with limited mobility or those residing in rural remote areas

  • Improve Access to Specialists: Qortex allows TLay to connect patients with a wide range of healthcare specialists remotely. Whether it's a consultation with a physician, a session with physical, occupational or speech therapists, or a check-up with a nurse, patients can receive specialized care without the need for in-person visits, ensuring timely and efficient access to healthcare professionals.

  • Ensure Continuity of Care: Qortex enables seamless communication between TLay's caregivers and patients, promoting continuous monitoring, medication management, and care plan adherence. This real-time collaboration strengthens the patient-caregiver relationship, fostering a holistic approach to care delivery.

Screenshot 2023-10-23 172348.jpg

Dr. Imelda Nwoga, RN, MSc., MSN, Ph.D., the esteemed CEO/Administrator of TLay Healthcare Services, expresses great enthusiasm for this collaboration with MedSign, and highlights the positive impact it will have on patient outcomes. "TLay strives to be a 'Light' in home health care, where Caring Excellence is operationalized to make a qualitative difference in the outcome of health services to the patients we have the privilege to serve," stated Dr. Nwoga.

The TLay/MedSign partnership brings together hospital care, home
care, and community services through Qortex’s innovative care delivery. Dr. Nwoga emphasized the significance of this collaboration saying, "Qortex provides the vehicle to address and resolve critical issues related to social determinants of health, including social isolation, mental health issues, and access to healthcare. It combines all these essential aspects into one comprehensive virtual delivery system."


Dr. Nwoga believes that, "With the integration of Qortex into TLay's services, patients will experience a seamless and holistic approach to their healthcare needs. Using Qortex to serve our patients at TLay will lead to improved outcomes and enhanced satisfaction for both patients and caregivers. This partnership represents a win-win situation for all parties involved.”

Tom Conroy, CEO of MedSign International, is equally excited about the collaboration. He states, "We are delighted to partner with TLay Healthcare Services and extend the benefits of our Qortex virtual care solution to their valued patients. This partnership signifies a significant milestone in expanding access to high-quality healthcare services in St. Augustine, Florida. Together, we aim to improve patient outcomes, enhance healthcare experiences, and drive innovation in the home health care industry." Tom added, “TLay will have the exclusive distribution rights for MedSign's Qortex virtual care platform in five Florida counties, including St. Johns, Duval, Clay, Flagler, Volusia, and the surrounding areas.” With this transformative partnership, MedSign and TLay are poised to revolutionize the future of healthcare in Florida and beyond.

About TLay Healthcare Services: TLay Healthcare Services, Inc., a Medicare/Medicaid certified home health agency, with accreditation from the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). TLay serves five North East Florida counties with offices in St.
Augustine, Florida. TLay Healthcare Services is a leading provider of home health care solutions, committed to delivering exceptional care to its patients. With a team of dedicated clinicians and a patientcentered approach, TLay strives to make a qualitative difference in the lives of the communities they serve.
For more information about TLay please visit their website at

About MedSign International: MedSign International is a leader in global virtual care solutions, committed to transforming the way healthcare is delivered worldwide.
Through its innovative Qortex virtual care platform, MedSign empowers patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers to connect, collaborate, and deliver high-quality care remotely. With a focus on user-friendly technology and unparalleled support, MedSign International is revolutionizing the healthcare industry one virtual visit at a time. For more information about MedSign, please visit the website at

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